Motto Of The Day: If Not You, Then Who, If Not Now, Then When?

Get motivated people.  That chair you're sitting on, that was someones idea that they took action on and built.  Stop sitting around and make things happen for yourself.

Ladies and Gentlemen The Pizza Raft

Pizza is the most well known food in the world (I just made that up... but it could be true. Do your own research, I'm lazy).  It's often been called the nectar of the gods so why wouldn't it be made into something beyond just a delicious, hot, mouthwatering, life-sustaining meal.  I give you the ultimate pinnacle of human achievement, the Pizza Raft.  The pizza raft is a great addition... nay a necessity for anyone with a pool or large enough bathtub.  Can you just picture and imagine having 8 of these slices bungeed together in your pool.  You can have an entire pie to float around on while you drink countless beers and consume your weight in what else other then pizza.  The only way the pizza raft could be any better is if it was actually made out of pizza but alas we would be too tempted to eat our pizza rafts similar to Icarus flying too close to the sun.   PIZZA PIZZA!

Grab your own Pizza Raft Here 

Motto Of The Day: Don't Give Up The Ship

Don't give up the ship folks.