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Do you smell that??
Whether you know it or not your sense of smell is fantabulously amazing. You use your sense of smell for more intimately valuable tasks than you may be aware of. Smells will influence many of the decisions you make every day. Smell can also have other affects on you like triggering memories... Yes that's right something you experienced and inhaled years ago can pop back into your brain just by getting a whiff of that smell today. Smell related memories are what I want to talk about today. And yes I know I am writing a blog about smells... RELAX and keep reading!
So right now some of you may be saying to yourself "I have no MFin' clue what this honkey is talking about, smells bringing back memories?" Well I want you to think about your current and/or past relationships. Do you remember the way your lady friend or man friend smelled? The type of perfume or cologne they wore? Now think about the last time you were... well I don't know at a bar or club anywhere it doesn't matter and a person walked past you wearing that same perfume or cologne. What is the first thing it reminded you of? If you're human and don't have a ridiculously deviated septum the first thing you thought of was that significant other. This is just one example of the way your sense of smell plays an important role in memories and your life in general.
Now you're saying "Honkey, can you give me yet another example?"
Yet another example of this wondrous chemical/electrical olfactory reaction we call smell can be respired from our grandparents. Yes those lovely, loose skinned, wide toothed relatives can be used for more than just a $25 check around birthdays. Think about going to your grandparents house, grandma opens the door with a big grin and a right after "the hug" she says "My look how big you're getting!" Then you catch a nostril or two full of the pungent aroma commonly know as old people smell. Not all older folks have this smell but most of you will know what I'm talking about. I think the smell is created by a combination of Geritol, moth balls and Polydent denture adhesive (advancements in dental care have come a long way). So now that you have the old people smell in your head think about other times that you have come across it. Church, the drug store, maybe that time you had to do community service at the old folks home because you were caught stealing booze as a young lad. It probably always reminded you of your grandparents.
Whatever it may be my point is your sense of smell creates a metaphorical chain that links events, people, experiences and places that we all have stored up in our ol' noggins. Tomorrow I want you to focus on all of the smells you come across in your daily routines. Sniff long and good and see what pops up in your thoughts. Or don't... Actually since Halloween is one of the best days out there think about all the great Halloween smells from when you were a kid... mmmmm nostalgic. Feel free to comment back with other smell experiences, I would love to hear them.
This blog is dedicated to the least appreciated of the 5 senses and those individuals who no longer posses that sense for one reason or another.
As always,
Hugs and kisses from yours truly,

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