Wet Pots...?

So this one falls under the random category but I just thought these things would save a lot of time and a lot of innocent house plants lives. For some reason my plants die faster than Paris Hilton's chihuahuas and I think it's because I travel... and drink so I'm not always around or coherent enough to water them. Wet Pots is a great little invention that takes the guess work and full body exertion out of keeping plants alive and well. Just fill the outside glass pot with water and the porous inner clay pot will keep the plant's soil wet and happy. Since the outside pot is transparent you'll always know if your plants need to be watered. Your chubby ass can even do this from the couch or by glancing through that third old fashion glazed doughnut you're about to eat. Get one of these bad boys and your plants will see the light of day. Maybe one day you'll graduate from a house plant to a gerbil, they don't make gerbil pots yet but I know somewhere someone is creating one...

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