What Are You Afraid Of?

With the daily barrage of so much scary shit in the news everyday it can be hard to define exactly what you are afraid of in this ricockulous world we live in. Terrorism, a flu that came from the other white meat, our glorious economy or maybe you're afraid of something as simple as chickens. Yes you heard right fuckin pluckin chickens! There is no shortage of things to be afraid of, here are a few of the more interesting phobias that you may have and not even know it.
  • Angrophobia- A fear of being angry.
  • Ablutophobia- A fear of bathing (I always sit next to someone with this on planes).
  • Pogonophobia- A fear of Beards (Sorry hipsters, time to bust out the razor).
  • Omphalophobia- A fear of belly buttons (Don't look down...).
  • Melanophobia- A fear of black (White people I'm looking in your direction on this one).
  • Defecaloesiophobia- A fear of bowel movements (Well maybe after enchilada night).
  • Alektorophobia- A fear of Chickens (RIP Col. Sanders).
  • Coulrophobia- A fear of clowns (Ever since that damn movie IT).
  • Dentophobia- A fear of the dentist (Who doesn't have this).
  • Xerophobia- A fear of dryness (Where's the lotion).
  • Medorthophobia- A fear of boners (Every girl friend in high school).
  • Kolpophobia- A fear of female genitals (Genitalia!!).
  • Barophobia- A fear of gravity (Good luck if you have this).
  • Acrophobia- A fear of heights (See Omphalophobia).
It's okay to have fear, actually it's human nature to recognize and deal with fear (fight or flight). However, it does come down to how you manage and process your fears. If you deal with fear in a healthy way your daily life is unaffected and you can go on living life like 99% of the population. If you fall into that 1% of people who simply let their lives become overrun by their fears well I'm sorry for you... get help. And if you have Panophobia- A fear of everything best of luck to ya slick! To find out what your fears are called checkout http://www.phobialist.com/
Hugs and Kisses,
Stinky Britches.

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