Boom Boom Pow!

Packing for a weekend holiday? Need a nice suitcase?  Perhaps you're living out of one, thanks to this wonderful bungle of an economy we are currently trudging through.  In either case you'll need some splendid luggage for your journey, combine that with a jolly tune and you are ready to hit the road.  BoomCase has coalesced the two ideas for your hipstertastic enjoyment.  BoomCase takes vintage suitcases and morphs them into self powered, portable suitcase stereo systems that are compatible with ipods/iphones or any device that has a headphone jack.  Each case when fully charged will keep you jammin for 7 hours, they can even be plugged in so when you move back in with your folks the party doesn't have to end.

Meatloaf never sounded so good,
.Stinky Britches.   

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