Robles Architects: Da Costa House

I'm still trying to save enough bones to purchase a house in the States but if I had a few mill lying around (after a solid bender in Vegas) I would probably blow it on a tasty house in a tropical foreign country like this one in Costa Rica.  Nestled on the Central Pacific shore of Costa this house will repeatedly make you ask yourself the tough questions.  Like, "Should I lay on the beach today or by the pool?" Or, "How many naked broads can I fit in my huge jacuzzi bathtub?"  The Robles Architects home was designed to bring the feel of nature inside but also create an environment surrounded with modern comforts.  They achieved this through the use of endless amounts of floor to ceiling windows bordering nearly every room.  There are even windows in the bathrooms and bedrooms so if you have a problem with flashing your down belows to the occasional monkey or three toed sloth you may want to bring some drapes with you.

Pura Vida,
.Stinky Britches.  

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