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Now, it's a little weird to be featuring a vacuum cleaner here on Druther.  They can't all be about kicks and hot broads but the Electrolux Vacs From The Sea are pretty fresh looking and they serve as a tremendously impactful environmental awareness tool. This past Summer Electrolux, a design savvy appliance company set out to raise awareness about the obscene amounts of plastic mucking up the Earth's oceans.  To do this they formed teams from around the world to gather trash from five different oceans.  Once sorted the plastic pieces found in the oceans were wrapped up and sent in to the Electrolux designers to be reused and re-purposed in a new limited edition line of vacuum cleaners.  The Vacs From The Sea are based on the company's already popular Ultra One Green-Model, a vacuum that is produced using 70% recycled plastics.  It's nice to see a larger company taking an active role in environmental awareness and I'm sure the program served as a solid marketing/ PR tool. 

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