The Impossible Collection Of Cars... Book

A book has never made me jealous... Wait does Playboy count as a book?  I guess it's more of a magazine. Anywho, like I said, I've never been made covetous by literature until laying gaze on the book The Impossible Collection Of Cars. Not only does it contain the very essence of what a solid car collection should be built upon but it also encompasses the ultra-rare automobiles that if one were so fortuitous to obtain the ability to afford these so called works of art they would have an arduous time locating the cars to begin with.  The Impossible Collection Of Cars comes with a price tag of $650, ironically just about enough to buy a shit-box beater car.  If you aren't prosperous enough to have one of the panty dropping rides shown sitting in the garage you can always grab a hold of this book, lay it out on the coffee table and hope that one of the lady friends you stumble home with knows the price tag.

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