The Linus x Almond Surfboards Summer Bike

Almond x Linus Summer Bike

The colab between Linus Bikes and Almond Surfboards has created a classic beach cruiser that pulls out all the stops.  Simple and stylish this bike has everything you need to get your bronzed buns down to the beach and back.  Leather grips. leather seat, a surf board rack, a cherry wood crate (for your wettie, towel, and maybe a sixer of adult beverages).  If you pick up this $1,300 ride you'll even get your choice of Almond Surfboards to throw in the rack.  I am an FBI agent! Go shred brah!

Almond Surfboards

Linus Bikes

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hot girls bike bicycle 4 Chicks. Bikes. Enjoy. (21 photos)

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