Sovereign Yacht By Gray Design (15 Pics)

How much money do you make a year?  How much money will you make in your lifetime?  Multiply that by 100 and you still won't be able to afford the Sovereign Yacht by Gray Design.  Pricing in at a pantie dropping $135 million +, this yacht will take a lot of scrilla to ever be parked in your slip.  The Gray Design Sovereign Yacht does surpass anything on the water in regards to quality and amenities.  For that ginormous price tag you get a jacuzzi, infinity pool, heli pad, beach club, wind and solar powered lights (because alternative energy is all the rage), a custom limo to take you around whatever majestic port your travels take you to, and last but certainly not least bragging rights that your shiny boat costs more than everyone else's and that makes you special.

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