17 Day Time Lapse Video of Iceland

This 17 day time lapse video of Iceland by filmmaker Joe Capra is ridiculously beautiful.  Shot during the summer when the sun really only sets for a few hours the sun rises and sun sets are beautiful.  Take a break from work or unemployment, kick back and relax while you watch this.

"During the Arctic summer, sunset was at midnight and sunrise was at 3am. The Arctic summer sun provided 24 hours a day of light, with as much as 6 hours daily of "Golden light". Once the sun had set it wouldn't even get dark enough for the stars to come out, and they don't start to reappear until August.

Iceland during the Midnight Sun is in sort of a permanent state of sunset. The sun never full sets and travels horizontally across the horizon throughout the night, as can be seen in the opening shot and at the :51 second mark in the video.

17-day time lapse uses 38,000 photos to capture a 'midnight sun'

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