The Freya Cardigan By Nikita (10 Pics)

After checking out Druther's analytics I noticed that about half of our readers are women (really hot women), I feel bad for not getting some women's product reviews up here sooner but I will do my best to keep them coming.  Product suggestions are welcome too.  Up first is the Freya Cardigan by Nikita.  This Native American inspired cardigan comes in red or grey and has a huge chief head on the back.  The Freya Cardigan is over sized but still fitted so you can stay warm and comfy but not look like you're wearing a potato sack. Bonus thanks Nikita! 


  1. Anonymous5/20/2012

    I allmost bought the grey one, im glad i didnt because i'm not a woman.. Thought it was for guys! hehe

    1. I wish they made these for guys but I say if it fits then rock it.