Weekly Randomness (41 Pics)

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Showing love and source credit to Sneakhype they are the shit.

oh hi Friday Dopeness (41 pics)

tumblr lxq7sgEyvE1qfep67o1 500 Thursday Dopeness (42 Pics)

Funny Sports Ecard: Sorry the Patriots did to Tim Tebow what he's yet to do to a woman.

wtf chicken cat dog donkey 620x456 Friday Dopeness (41 pics)


Switzerland - Belalp: Pristine (via John and Tina Reid)

epic photos 43 Monday Dopeness (38 pics)

so pretty.

smile 500x657 Friday Dopeness (41 pics)


  1. Nice man! Will be taking a couple for the Dopeness... i'll be sure to link back.

  2. I snagged a couple from the Dopeness (it's just so good). I'll throw in an update with a link back too. People helping people!