Clap Your Hands For Your Crapper!

So this one definitely falls under the random category... After a brief stint with some sort of stomach flu I became closely acquainted and developed a new found respect for my toilet. I don't know exactly what was wrong with me but about a week ago my belly started rumbling and something didn't feel right. Lets just say things were flowing a little too freely if you catch my drift! Anywho, my mystery dysentery bonded me closely with my porcelain pal and it got me thinking more and more about how paramount the toilet is to our society and maybe how we often take the inconspicuous crapper for granted. Now, I could write 20 pages on the history and importance of the toilet to modern society but that would be a pain in the ass that probably wouldn't hold your interest. So here are a couple questions to think about the next time you pop a squat and get ready to drop a healthy fudge dragon.

Well, first why are toilets usually white? Second, why is the handle usually placed on the left side of the tank? Finally, why are public toilet seats a horseshoe instead of a complete oval like the ones we have at home? I've looked up these questions and some of the answers actually make some sense while a few are simply bull shit.

Check out Toilet Inspector and see a few interesting names that have been given to the crapper over the years.

Don't push too hard you'll blow an O-ring.

.Stinky Britches.

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