Huge Wieners!!

Who doesn't like a huge wiener! I love em! Especially when they start with a bacon wrapped hot dog, baked beans, lettuce, jalapenos, nacho cheese, shredded jack cheese, grilled unions all wrapped up in a sweet bun that can barely containing the overflowing goodness it holds within. I had the opportunity to experience two (yes two, I can eat!) of these delectable nitratesicles a few nights ago. My good friend Foco Sequedos is the master chef creating these bovine gut busters and they are glorious. I've got to post a warning though, if you ever are privileged enough to throw one of these wieners in your mouth make sure you have a coldie or two to wash it down. If not... Alka Seltzer and a few Hail Mary's should do the trick.

Overweight besos,

Stinky Britches.

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