Graffiti Is The New Black

Graff and street art have been around since before the ancient Egypians constructed the pyramids but over the past decade it seems like it is finally getting noticed as "true" art by the mainstream.  Simply writing your name on a wall or sign has come a long way.  Check the above pic of a huge piece I shot in NY by Banksy.  Pretty redonkulous when you think that he had to hit this 3 story building while avoiding the fuzz... There are several colabs of graff artists out there that are enciting havok on a nightly basis (and sometimes daily basis, if they have the fun factories).  The Seventh Letter brings together some of the best on the street. Revok, Retna, Reyes, Ewok, just to name a few.  It's great to see these guys taking their art to the next level and getting recognition from galleries, museums and brands like Luis Vutton and Marc Jacobs.  Keep up the good work kids.

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