Livin Large In Singapore

It seems that Singapore has a little something for everyone.  Beautiful tropical beaches, comfortable climate, friendly locals, a rich history, ...lady boys but who would have thunk Singapore as the place to go for magnificent home architecture.  Take a peek at the 4 story bungalow above, designed by Aamer Architects.  This ginormous bungalow sits only a few blocks from the beach in a hood called Queen Astrid Park.  Now I haven't had the overwhelming joy of ransacking and plundering Singapore for its booze and women (yet) but I can only imagine that Queen Astrid Park is the equivalent to Beverly Hills or "The Hills" to use the parlance of our time.  This behemoth connects its living spaces by walkways that take the person fortunate enough to be inside her on a journey through courtyards and some of the several water features on the property.  I'm sure this place has seen its fair share of brunzed boobies lying out by the pool... Check out LivingPod for more insane homes and design ideas.
I think it's time for a Singapore trip.

Wen wen,
.Stinky Britches.

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