Economy Shmeshmonomy

Hey you... is the US economy doing better?

Fuck!!! Like you I have no clue either. I've stopped wearing chonies to save money on my laundry.

What I have noticed are twisted little glimpses into the frothing bowels of how economic downturn affects the norm. Now, coming from the west coast and shredding the gnar out in the water almost on a daily basis (thanks unemployment for this great opportunity to improve my surfing) I've found a great way to measure unemployment in CA or any state with a solid population of active ocean users. Over the past few months I've noticed a direct correlation between the unemployment % and the shitty fuckin crowd that has appeared almost magically in the middle of the day when most people should be hard at work diligently updating their Facebook accounts, "Is it Friday yet?" NO! Fuckelstein it's Wednesday be grateful you have the means to be considered a viable additive to the workforce.

Whoa... sorry about that I need to read my Zen book again and calm the fuck down. So anywho, it's not scientific method but there is a strong correlation between the number of heads in the water mid day to the unemployment rate. I'm just making useful observations.

Lets hope for empty line ups.

Kiss kiss,
.Stinky Britches.

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