Sunshine On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy

Smart design = Eco Friendly design and there is no lack of the combo of the two in today’s rapidly expanding products. Photovoltaic cells are showing up in a plethora of items; cell phones, roofing tiles, even clothing. I'm not too sure about that fashion statement but shoots you never know (80's pop colors came back and those were the scary years so solar panel shirts could become the new fresh flannel pattern). At least photovoltaic cells are showing up in areas that they can actually be useful like the above pack by Voltaic. A company dedicated to fusing form and functionality they are incorporating solar cells into their packs so the "user" or "wearer" can keep all their nifty gadgets powered up so you'll never miss a phone call due to a dead battery. They even have a laptop back that can help keep you charged up so you're not missing that important email or Facebook update... To make things even more Eco Friendly the intelligent folks at Voltaic are using 100% post consumer PET plastic fabrics to construct these fantabulously shocking carry alls. Check em out at Voltaic Systems

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