Saber Fires Up Fox News!!

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) recently hosted a health care reform video contest. The DNC chose 20 finalist's videos and one in particular has given Fox News some material and ammo against Obama’s Health Care Reform Video Contest. Well known graffiti artist Saber created the video that has the panties of the Conservative Right wingers wedged so far up their butts they can taste elastic. The video shows Saber painting an American flag then tagging some key health care reform messages over the flag. Fox News chose to see this as the DNC condoning the desecration of the American Flag and is doing their dandiest to create black clouds over the health care reform debate. My opinions may vary from yours and we have the right to disagree but Fox News must be run by some salty old curmudgeons with nothing better to do with their time then come up with new ways to hurt our country by creating a bullshit haze that blocks the real issues. If you choose to watch Fox for something other than the Simpsons and you happen upon the Fox News Channel watch and see how much "actual news" is shown. Not opinions given by their Muppet news casters. You'll be surprised how much content you receive. Oh yeah, and what about when an American Flag's image is used on underwear and you spend all day rubbing your gooch against them? Or what if you shit your pants? Isn't that desecrating the flag too? Come on Fox loosen up! Try putting more effort into real issues instead of creating useless non-news worthy material. Big up to Saber for making the top 20!!

Fair and Balanced my Balls...

.Stinky Britches.

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