Republicans Boycott Climate Change Committee

Yes yes, I do know that this is my second political post in a row and I know that they are boring as women's basketball but I'm having trouble wrapping my melon around today’s political climate. The more I read about the political party divide in our country the less I can comprehend how these childish politicians get elected year after year. On Tuesday there was a Senate Committee hearing discussing a bill dealing with green house gas emissions. The committee is made up of 7 Republicans and 12 Democrats and was set to tackle a very important emissions bill so the committee can send it on its way to the full Senate for a vote. Well guess who decided to boycott the meeting... (Yes I know you read the title of this post so you already know) the Republicans. Actually 1 Republican did show up, who really cares what his name is at this point but he did show up for a few minutes to read the opening statements then he bailed. The Democrats are still waiting for the Republicans to magically appear and discuss this important topic that in one way or another will affect every single American.

So those are the facts, here is my question. How in the feck does not showing up for a meeting that will affect all of your constituents contribute to healthy government and ultimately a healthy America? (I use the term "healthy" in both a literal and figurative sense) The bill does have to do with green house gas emissions and climate change after all so health should fit in there somewhere. We are paying these politicians to run our government, their job is to make America run smoothly and make sure we continue to be the "Greatest nation in the world". How does not showing up for your job help? I understand that the 2 parties don't agree on this emissions bill but that's the derivative of the committee, come to an agreement through negotiation. You know... the old give and take, sharing is caring that we learned in kindergarten. Now, I know every politician answers to a higher power… aka corporations. Through lobbyists whose only job is to make sure the influential politicians vote in their corporations favor by dipping their putrid black mitts so far in their pockets they're practically giving them a reach around. Whewwwww! I feel good knowing that my government is hard at work with our best interests in mind. Today was election day so I hope that if you voted it was a researched informed decision and for a politician that is mature enough to think of more than their party's ideals and maybe care if only a little for the good of America and the citizens they represent.

Where are the lobbyists for the American people??

.Stinky Britches.
P.S. I promise no more politics for a while.

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