Not Your Normal Tree House

A tree falls in your backyard... does it make a sound? Yup and it makes a kick ass tree house! Well at least it did when a tree fell in the backyard of a Brentwood estate owned by an art lover and philanthropist. Rockefeller Partners Architects went to town when a 40 foot pine tree went down for the count. But instead of chopping up this prepubescent pinewood derby car the still living tree was incorporated into a glorious structure that is more art than domicile. At Only 172 sq. ft. you're probably thinking they just jammed a Murphy bed and ran a hose up there so the guest had a place to sleep and some water to rinse off their down belows... Nope, this dainty dwelling has a bed, office, microwave, fridge and even a crapper to keep its guests happy. However, if you enjoy belting out the latest hot single from Miss Spears while showering be ready to share your larynx love with the neighbors because you be havin an outdoor shower yo!

Other than the fact you might get caught scrubbing your dirties by the neighbors this has to be one of the most well designed "tree houses" in so cal.


.Stinky Britches.

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