Casa Surf Project

Oh Laguna Beach you have spawned so many illustrious television shows and tumultuous cat fights over the years. What could you possibly have to offer us now besides marvelous art and a stupendous little beach community? What's that you say? Gloriously designed hotels, sculpted by some of the best in the Surf / Skate/ Fashion Industry... well now that is a pleasant surprise that even Kristin Cavallari and LC would have to agree on. Just the fact that I have referenced the MTV show Laguna Beach in my blog makes me extremely depressed and disheartened in the strength of my own soul. Uhhh... now my thoughts are slightly discombobulated and I feel inebriated to the point of becoming ill.

Back to the legitimate subject of this post, The Casa Surf Project! Riviera Magazine paired up with the La Casa del Camino Hotel and allowed 10 of Southern California's premier surf/skate/ fashion designers to go to town on several rooms in the hotel. The companies that were fortunate enough to participate are; Billabong, Roxy, Glaceau, Etnies, ...Lost, Quiksilver, L*Space, Rip Curl and Riviera Mag. What they created is surprisingly eloquent but at the same time a testament to the maturity and growth that the action sports community has undergone. 10 years ago if you gave ...Lost free reign on a hotel room you better hope that you have great insurance because something or someone would probably catch on fire and your hotel may or may not end up condemned. At very least you would be left with a powerful odor that stings the nostrils. Fast forward 10 year to today and you get a romantic villa inspired hotel room. To check out all of the great rooms hit up Casa Surf Project. The overall best part is that these rooms are available to anyone so maybe one day you can brag to your sewing circle about getting freaky naughty in the Billabong room.

May I politely raid your mini bar?

.Stinky Britches.


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