Fist Of Fear, Touch Of Death

What do half naked women, paint, a camera and high school mascot heads have in common?? Not much until Morgan Slade works his magic and Frankensteins them piece by piece into beautiful works of mixed media art. Mr. Slade is working on his upcoming show Fist Of Fear, Touch Of Death at the Shooting Gallery. What makes his works so uncommon is the process that is undertaken to birth a finished piece.
Staring with a group of fetching and titillating minimally dressed woman, Slade poses, paints and shoots them. After the photography is completed he then gets down and dirty printing the photos on archival digital proofing prints and goes at them with sand paper, gloss, paint and even the occasional gold leaf. The culminated work is a sexy madness suitable for any wall. Morgan Slade's works will be available for viewing at the Shooting Gallery Jan. 9th-30th.

Have A Sexy Party,

.Stinky Britches.

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