Ninja Lessons, Hiya!!!!

No witty title on this blog because "Ninja Lessons" kind of says it all. 

Fuck pilates I want ninja lessons!!!  Ninjitsu, by far the unparalleled leader in covert, stealthy martial arts is finally getting the recognition and acceptance it rightfully deserves.  Ninjitsu/Bujinkan dojos are sprouting up across the globe.  Do you want to learn how to be a bad ass ninja?  Yes, of course you do!  That's like asking would you like a free reach around with your funnel cake...  Anywho, along with ninja sneakiness you'll also ascertain super sweet ninja star throwing skills that even Master Splinter would be impressed with.  Start practicing your best Hiya now and sign up for lessons at the Muzosa Bujinkan Dojo in NYC.

Turtle Power,
.Stinky Britches.

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