Four Eyed Darlings

Even though the sun hasn't blessed us with its presence on the so cal coast  much this summer there is one accessory that I personally feel affixed to rain or shine, somber or sunny.  The fashionable yet functional sunglass.  Guys we're stoked because almost any black pair of sunnies we throw on our dome will do the trick.  However, women, that vital morsel of your get up is necessitous to a finely honed stylish look.  So what brand of spectacles is right for you?  Hmmm... let's see, first ask yourself, "Am I a Jersey Shore fake 'n baked orange colored umpa loompa?" No, well then Prada, Gucci or D&G may not be your cup of tea.  Second and most importantly ask yourself, "Do I want a pair of shades that make me look damn sexy and make all the boys on the beach go from six to midnight simply from a glimpse of my tan ass and rockin shades?"  If you said yes to that second question then check out Electric's fresh new women's line of sunnies.  Built in a high fashion Italian factory these shades are made from the grandest of materials using delicate designer details.  Details that Kate Moss  herself would find flabbergasting.  That is if Kate Moss wore sunglasses or had a soul and was at all affected by the suns rays.  For some reason she just sparkles when she's outside in the sunlight.

Bro ya later,
.Stinky Britches.

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