Can I Pet Your Beer

What's better than an ice cold bottle of beer?  How about an ice cold bottle of beer that comes with a meticulously encased taxedermied rodent coozie... Oh yeah and that beer happens to pack a prodigious 55%  alcohol content!  Drink an entire bottle of this libatious celebration of malted hops and barley and your chipmunk encrusted bottled may start singing Disney tunes and C-walkin before your very eyes.  The brew masters at Brewdog used cutting-edge brewing techniques to give this redneck soda the scant flickering flavors of Juniper berries and other wildernessy delights.  With one sip you'll feel like you stepped out of your drab suburban dwelling into a glorious meadow, Alvin, Simon and Theodore will be there too.  The only hesitation I could possibly see as to why one would not want to purchase this nectar of the gods is the robust price tag, a whopping $650-$900...

Inebriatedly Your,
.Stinky Britches.

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