MAKR My Deck

The uber low pro brand Makr that primarily specializes in ultra quality, limited edition handcrafted Bags, totes and wallets is making the fortuitous leap into skate hard-goods.  This custom handcrafted skate deck comes from the Makr studio in very limited numbers so good luck ever getting your grubby mitts on one.  Even though Makr says, "Please skate this, don't put this on your wall". I have a hard time fathoming that someone would slap trucks and grip on one of these bad boys and take it to the local mini ramp.  Notably because the deck is comprised of numbered leather risers, a hand stained bottom and takes several hours to construct.  In my opinion this deck is an integral addition for any home or office wall that wants to evade from the bland norm of drab art.

.Stinky Britches.

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