Peligroso Tequila, The Good Kind Of Danger

I'm here to get drunk!  The good kind of drunk, the kind of drunk that makes you better at everything especially talking up the ladies...  Meh, there probably isn't even enough booze in David Hasselhoff's liquor cabinet to make me better at that.  I do want you to get charmingly toasted.  So, the next time you're out on the town swooning broads, chasin' skirts or in every woman's case, being a full on CT to every dude that just wants to dance with you, put the fist pump on hold for just a minute and wrap your mitts around the tastiest of premium tequilas on the market, Peligroso.  Enjoy all three varieties: Silver, Reposado and Anejo.  I personally fancy my Peligroso out of the belly button of a 5'10, tan, blonde,  20 something, coed but I'm sure Peligroso tastes great out of a shot glass, on the rocks or even in an ice cold margarita.  I could decipher the ins and outs that make Peligroso Tequila so delish and unique but that's fucking boring...  Just take a peek at the bottle and imagine how good that will look in your bar, on your shelf, or tucked safely under your pillow.  Remember, a life without a little danger is like watching the same porn over and over.  At first it's great then it just gets boring and makes your wrist hurt.

Enjoy irresponsibly,
.Stinky Britches.

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