War Paint

Reyes is at it again, following his ridonkulously successful show "Misspelled" in San Fran.  The graffiti artists' latest showing will take him to the notorious Know Gallery in LA where his newest strokes of genius, "War Paint" can be seen Sept. 25th-Oct. 16th.  In his recent works Reyes has tunneled into and thoroughly examined typography.  Spend some time walking the streets of San Fran and along with some of the most fucking amazing people watching your retinas will ever capture you're also sure to see at least one mural that Reyes has generously added to the urban city scape.  The city has been blessed with an entire Reyes-alphabet strewn lovingly throughout neighborhoods and alleyways.

Everyone knows September is the most boring of all the months and I know you have no plans until Thanksgiving so you should probably get your rotund paunchy buns to LA and check out the show.

Abstractly Yours,
.Stinky Britches.

WAR PAINT: Victor Reyes from Dylan Maddux on Vimeo.

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