My School Is Better Than Your School.

I'm all for learning, because everyone knows knowledge is power!!! Unfortunately school is boring, really fucking boring!  Mainly because the buildings and structures of our institutionalized learning facilities are horrid, putrid, maladies, of architectural excrement.  I'm speaking mainly about our nation's public school system, which seems to be meticulously designed to extract every essence of creativity from our youth's brains and replace them with Ritalin soaked drones whose only goal is to conform to predestined cookie cutter curriculum.  

Whew!  Happy to get that off my chest.  I don't know much regarding the state of our country's private schools, however I do know that private aka for profit schools are businesses, businesses that make money.  I also know that money creates opportunities and can conjure major benefits in several instances.  Since we are talking about schools and the buildings that house our youth, get a whiff of this fresh out of the oven Funfetti of a private school in Carlsbad, CA.  Pacific Ridge, a $7.5 million college prep school is not only alluring to the eye but also to the environment.  Currently the school is up for LEED Gold certification (You Eco-nerds know what I'm talking about, if you don't then hit the link and expand your knowledge).  Gander at the pics and just imagine how green the drought resistant grass is on the other side.

Saved By The Bell,
.Stinky Britches.

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