Protect My Pudge

Powdered doughnuts make me go nutz!  Except when I try to bring my cholesterol cushions into the office and my front butt or "fupa" smashes them on the ride to the sausage factory.  If only there were a product that could save my glazed holey treats from an untimely run in with my thunder thighs...  Oh Shit!! there is, thank you baby Jebus.  No longer will we suffer the depressing fate of doughnuts that have lost their shape thanks to our inventive Japanese friends who have come up with the Doughnut To Go.  A handy dandy carrying case for "traditional" style doughnuts.  The carrying case has everything including a handle (my money says you won't be able to fit those robust sausage link fingers through the slot but oh well).  It even has a spot to write your name and a hole for a padlock so no one will swipe your tasty treat.  Sorry Bear Claw and jelly filled fans the technology for a doughnut case developed enough to house those awkwardly shaped delights is still years aways.

Nom nom nom nom nom,
.Stinky Britches.


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